Freitag, 20. November 2009

Any questions on that?

Jaaa ich habe freitagsabends nichts besseres zu tun als Fragebögen zubeantworten.Gefunden hab ich sie auf Cailin's blog

1.Where is your cell phone?
Somewhere in my bag.

2. Your hair?
A tousled,crappy bun

3.Your favorite food?
Lasagne and every kind of pasta and strawberries preferably dipped in chocolate.

4.Your mum is?
Sitting next to me watching tv.

5.Your dad is?
Out to get some food.

6.Your dream last night?
It was kind of weird.I met strange people in long robes and they take me with them.

7.Your favorite drink?
Elderflower cordial and apple juice

8.Your dream / goal?
Is to finish school and go to England.

9.The room you are in?
I'm in the living room right now.

10.What is your hobby?
music,blogging,shopping and concerts.

11.What is your fear?
I hate injections so I always aviod inoculations and I'm really afraid of fish.

12.Where were you last night?
Ehmm actually I was at home learning maths.

13.Something you are not?

I love them <3>

15.Wish list items?



Mulberry Elkington Briefcase

16.Where did you grow up?
In Germany

17.Last thing you did?
I eat chips.

18.What are you wearing?
Black Levis trousers ,my Lykke Li Tee and a cardigan from Zara.

19.Your tv?

20.Your pets?
I have a bunny .He’s really cute.

21.Your friends?
I don’t have any friends ;)

22.Your life?
I’m happy although it was kind of busy in the last few days.

23.Your mood?
I’m tired.

24.Missing someone?
Hmm acutally not .

Noo car ^^

26.Something you're not wearing?


This ace of spades ring ,isn’t it beautiful?

27.Your favorite store?
Zara,Urban Outfitters(unfortunately there isn’t any around)and I love vintage stores.

28.Your favorite colour?

29.The last time you laughed?
At school this morning.

30.The last time you cried?
It was when I fell down the stairs last week....that was really painful.

31.Your best friend?
Like I already mentioned,I don’t have any friends.

32.One place you go over and over?
To bed.

33.Guilty pleasure?
Sitting in front of my laptop without any reason and gazing at the screen.

34.Favorite place to eat?
At home or McDonalds.

35.Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Somewhere in England.Brighton or London.

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  1. Schön :)Gegen die Givenchy's hätte ich auch nichts einzuwenden.



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